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Five leading Internet Giants – And what about tomorrow?

Regarding the internet branch, people talk about stocks becoming popular in only one decade. Other stocks like Microsoft (US:MSFT) or Apple (US:AAPL) belonging to the oldies of the new economies. Google (US:GOOG) and Yahoo! (US:YHOO) are younger representatives of the branch. Amazon (US:AMZN) and ebay (US:EBAY) established as successful online retailer.
Here is a little fiscal overview:

These internet stocks generate strong cash and accumulated cash on hand and bank balances over several years. Today, Microsoft and Google have more than USD 30 billion cash for acquisitions or growth investments. Past growth rates were impressive and remained positive up to now as you can see:

Regarding the market share of these companies, leading operator Google gains only 5.6 percent of daily global page views. Therefore, nearly every second internet user visits Within the market of search engines, Google has a market share up to 80 percent globally. As we see, Google don´t operate the top site at all, YouTube as well as Blogger are subsidiaries or operations of Google.

The internet business is a very dynamic business. Many companies become powerful a in a very short period, other become meaningless within the same time. Reasonable with the establishment of new technologies worldwide. As example, the enforcement of the online video community YouTube was only possible with the wide availability of high speed internet connections. Another technology trend changing the internet usage, is the mobilization of the internet via smart phones. At the moment, AAPL is very successful in this market. Remind, new economy stocks may grow fast, but in a dynamic environment, only one new technology could have significant consequences for a long-term investor.

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