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Buffett's Big Blunder?

Did the Oracle of Omaha blow it when he sold his stake in Moody's? Lee Munson, Portfolio LLC founder, and Edward Atorino, The Benchmark Company weigh in.


  1. I do not believe that many folks realize this about the holding Berkshire Hathaway. When buying shares in warren buffetts holding company they believe they are getting the same deal that someone buying shares in berkshire hathaway was getting in the past. I have heard warren buffett comment in interviews do not buy Berkshire Hathaway stock simply put because of the extreme popularity of warren buffett and his holding company and its great historical record of performance the shares generally trade at a premium not a good value investment. Another thing about Berkshire Hathaway that Warren Buffett has commented about in interviews is because of the enormous size of Berkshire hathaway the holding company is forced to buy large cap and mega cap stocks which generally do not deliver real large returns. But in spite of all of this talk from Warren Buffett many investors fail to heed his advice. As far as blunders go another thing many folks don't realize about Warren Buffetts Holding Company Berkshire Hathaway is this Warren Buffett bought the company berkshire Hathaway than a textile company and tried unsuccessfully to turn the company around but in the end sold the company but Warren Buffett used the name later for his holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

  2. Buffett has made a lot of investments over the recent years and his populartiy is unbroken. But I agree with you that you should not buy the same stocks he bought. Make your own investment decision.


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