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Dividend Hikes of the Week By Dividend Stocks Online

With capital gains on the rise, and a good short week for the stock market (aside from today), some companies are feeling a little flush with cash — and willing to share with stockholders. Indeed, it says quite a bit for dividend paying companies that, in the last 36 years, payers have outperformed non-payers on the S&P 500 by about 8%. This week, some dividend hikes were announced from AYR, BAC, DRI and GIS. If you are into dividends, the fact that hikes continue is good news.

Here are the yields:

Aircastle (AYR),
Yield: 4,02 percent

Bank of America (BAC), 
Yield: 0,37 percent

Darden Restaurants (DRI),
Yield: 3,23 Percent

General Mills (GIS),
Yield: 3,31

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