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Fashion Retailer GAP (NYSE:GPS) Expands In China

Dividend News by Dividend Yield. GAP bets on China business. The fashion producer GAP (GPS) announced to increase its stores network to 45 stores until 2013. The growing Chinese market is still attractive for retailers.

The US fashion chain company GAP (GPS) plans to expand its stores network in China significantly. The goal is to triple the number of stores in the coming year. Until the end of January the company will operate 15 stores. One year later there should be already 45 stores. The company has already over 400 stores in Asia and eight of them are in the cities of Shanghai and Beijing. With increased focus on China, GAP follows other international companies looking to expand its activities in the Chinese Republic. The company has a market capitalization of $8.9 billion and generated sales in an amount of $14.63 billion. The net income amounts to 918 million over the past 12 trailing months. The current P/E ratio is 10.24 and the current dividend yield amounts to 2.55%.

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