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Why You Should Buy Homes Right Now - An Advice From Billionaire Warren Buffett

"Now is a good time to buy a home and finance it with a 30-year mortgage, says Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway chairman/CEO. Buffett discusses why he wants to invest in more businesses, explains why he bought eight European stocks at the end of 2011 and also shares why he decided to invest in the Omaha World-Herald." live on CNBC.


  1. Right on warren. If I bought houses I would buy them in the southwest excluding texas and california. In other words the rockey mountain region but states like utah arizona new mexico nevada in the southern rockies or just south of the rockies excellent area. This is also a popular area for tourism domestic and foreign and it will become even more so add to that the mass exodus of Citizens and Businesses from the golden state california and their you have it the ingredients for a massive housing boom. Even while the country is in reccession the population in these areas is still increasing. Buying a home now in one of these states could well become worth ten times the current price today in twenty years.

  2. Boy oh boy. I can just see the look on the faces of all the real estate hacks in the great state of california during the long long decline in the price of real estate in the golden state.. Contrary to popular belief that a large decline in the price of real estate is a bad thing. Those who profited most from the meteoric rise in the price of real estate in california over the last twenty years are now the ones suffering the most. First time buyers with excellent credit can now qualify for a thirty year mortgage at a interest rate of just four percent. Or think about this the young couple with fairly good credit but not quite perfect credit making a reasonable down payment of ten percent' they have been waiting for the so called chance of a lifetime to appear and wanting to seize the opportunity to buy that dream house at a rock bottom price. Having picked out their dream house made the deposit. Than nervously waiting for two whole weeks to see if they qualify for their thirty year fixed rate mortgage at 3.99 percent. Than only to hear back from their banker. Im very sorry but you just don't qualify for the thirty year fixed rate mortgage.


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