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My Stock Buy Report | 3 Opportunities From The Technology And Financial Services Sector

Yesterday I made 3 stock buys for my private real portfolio. I bought shares of Oracle, CA Technologies and stocks from the financial services group CME. As you see, I try to increase my current share of technology stocks in my private portfolio. The yields are not high but the growth opportunities are still attractive in this investment category. 

Not enough, the EV/EBITDA ratio are between corridors of 5-8!
I am not a guru or something but I think that this sort of investments could double in five years or so if you believe that the business environment should be stable and grows solid.

I have no idea if it works, but for my recent EBAY deal it worked well and I oubled the investment amount in only three years.

Oracle shares have a yield of 0.76 percent and the company will not pay dividends for the next 3 quarters due to early paid dividends in terms of fiscal cliff protection.

CME is a bit different. The whole financial sector is under pressure. Financial institutions cut jobs, close divisions and reduce costs. All leads to slowing growth potential for the CME group and more pressure and competition because other providers try to grow by diversification and hunting of market shares. But I think the company offers a bit of value of a solid price.

I have shares of Deutsche Boerse, NYSE Euronext and Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles. All investments developed robust and they paid me goods dividends over the recent years. I think they could pay high dividends for the future if the business doesn’t break down in a hard way. The yield of CME is around 3.5 percent while the P/E is 11.52.

CA Technologies is a high-yielding technology and software stock. The company develops and delivers software and services. The Company operates in three segments: Mainframe Solutions, Enterprise Solutions and Services. The Company addresses components of the computing environment, including people, information, processes, systems, networks, applications and databases, across hardware and software platforms and programs. 

I bought this stock in order to increase my technology portfolio share. CA is one of the highest dividend paying stocks within the software sector and one of the 10 biggest companies of the industry. I believe that dividends could be doubled over the next decade. I will also put CA shares this Friday in my virtual Dividend Yield Passive Income Portfolio (DYPI). I let you know.

Do you have any stocks I recently bought? Let me know your thoughts below!

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