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7 Dividend Yield Factbooks At 50% Discount | Special Offer For 2 Weeks

I’m a private investor and made most of my wealth with dividend stocks. Stock plunges and dividend cuts were my most wealth killer. 

In the past I had often the problem to find the best dividend paying stocks which give me a great hedge against dividend cuts and stock price losses. I spend hours and weeks to find regular updated lists and it took even longer to observe them all.

Over the recent years I compiled some sources of the best dividend paying stocks and made a monthly Yield Fact Book of these stocks. Not all shares from the Yield Books are good enough to buy now, not all are cheap but it’s a nice list of stocks to avoid big investment mistakes.

The lists are a selection of stocks with consecutive dividend growth. You can find current price ratios, growth rates, debt figures and margins in it. I also included a column of the market opinion to buy, hold or sell the stock.

I use this tool over a very long period and it gives me the opportunity to evaluate risks of stocks much easier. I can find very quickly the best yielding stocks and compare them with other stocks and their fundamentals.

If you like, you can get my best dividend stock lists on a monthly updated basis with 50% special X-Mas discount. The 7 books only cost $4.99 instead of $9.99. This is a on-time offer only available though this post and limitied by year-end. You can easy unsubscribe everytime you like.

Dividend Champions Yield Fact Book (5 Pages, approx. 105 companies)
   Stocks with over 25 years of dividend growth

- Dividend Contenders Yield Fact Book (8 Pages, approx. 176 companies)

   Stocks with 10-25 years of dividend growth

- Dividend Challengers Yield Fact Book (8 Pages, approx. 190 companies)
   Stocks with 5-10 years of dividend growth

- Dogs of the Dow Jones Fact Book

   The 10 cheapest stocks from the Dow Jones Index

- Dividend Aristocrats Fact Book (52 Dividend Growth Companies)

   Stocks with over 25 years of dividend growth and membership in the Dividend Aristocrats Index

- International Dividend Achievers Fact Book

   The best 60 international stocks with over 10 consecutive years of dividend growth

Yield Fact Book Indices (15 pages, approx. 500 companies)
   All dividend yield ratios from leadind indices.

Here is a preview of the Dividend Yield Fact Books:

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)




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