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The World's Largest Trading Community | How You Can Benefit From It

Sure it is hard to make money with stock trading. Many try to make money and like to build up a passive income but most of them fail because they have no idea what they do.

When I started to invest my first money into stocks, it was at the top of the technology bubble in the year 2000, the market was definitely oversold. Everybody knows that and the market valuations were very high. But I was an idiot because I had no idea about everything. I just wanted to buy some stocks and learn how to make money with stock trading.

As you know, the market crashed and I lost nearly all of my invested capital. There were two good things: First, I only put 10 percent of my full net worth into stocks and second, I sold not all stocks.

Some of my stock holdings recovered and I got my money back. But a zero return over five or eight years is also a bad performance as you might know.

Why not learning from others? Sure not everybody is a top trader from which you can learn and cover his strategies. I believe that you must build your own trading philosophy.

You can make money with everything which has a daily market price. Some underlying assets run well others don’t move.

eToro has created the world’s largest investor community with over 1.5 million active traders which you can follow and copy for free. 

I believe it is a great tool to sharp your investment skills and to meet new people with the same interests and problems. Not enough, if you are good enough and you have some followers, you get paid by the network. Yes, eToro pays you if any of your followers makes a buy. The top copied trader in the network made a five-figure amount in only a few months.

Just look at the video and step into the world of etoro. It’s a completely free community where you can find other interesting guys like me. Here is the link:

Copy from the best traders – Join the largest investment network!

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  1. I finally got round to checking and there are no fees with Etoro for copying traders automatically other than the spreads. The traders being copied receive bonuses direct from Etoro based on the number of copiers they have. In terms of monthly gain I am personally running at a loss so far inside my first year of trading. That's OK for me though and kind of what I expected as I learn.

    In terms of the profit specifically from copying traders, I really couldn't say as I have only kept accurate records of my own trades and not the copied trades. What I can say is I'm confident I've definitely made profit from the copy trades. Obviously if the amount you copy the trades for is small (like $10) you aren't making much, but in percentage terms all the profits have been quite good. e.g. currently copying one trader for $100 (initially $20) and in two weeks (approx 30-40 trades) now $110. The other two I am copying have made me $3 and $5 in the same time with the same amounts. So far the system has been stable this time too so hopefully all bugs are fixed.


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