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Damn! Warren Buffett Snaffled Heinz

A few months before, I bought a small position of 50 Heinz Shares for my private accounts. It was on December 3, 2012. The purchase price was around $64.

Today, the company will be taken over by Warren Buffett and the investment firm 3G for a price of $72.50 in cash, a premium of 20%. This is also the return for around 10 weeks of owing the stock.

My gain should be around $600. I am not happy because I couldn’t increase my stake. I bought only a few shares and wanted to increase the position over the next years to a core investment share of 2-3% of my full portfolio worth.

Warren bought several stocks I own and I purchased some he had. So, I believe he has a great taste in searching for the best stocks. This year I received two takeover offers: NYX and HNZ. Normally I get 2-4 per year.

Investing is a hard fight for the best companies. Heinz was not expensive but growth of the company is also not in a double-digit region. Heinz has a great international diversification and the market for sauces is developed. So, it's very hard for competitors to enter.

Who will be next?

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