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Dividend Investing - The Truth About Dividends and Long Term Income Investing

Have you ever wanted to make a passive income from the stocks you purchase? When many people think of dividend investing they think of retirees trying to preserve their nest egg. 

What if I told you dividends aren't just for retirees, they are for everyone and anyone that is looking for long term, steady wealth from the stock market. When you take into account a stocks total return from dividends and appreciation it is quite easy to get a respectable total return that over a period of years can make you financially secure. With the added benefit of dividend growth you can ensure your income grows to help keep pace with inflation.

Dividend Investing - The Truth About Dividend and Long Term Income Investing covers the following topics.

1) What Is Dividend Investing
2) Who Is Dividend Investing Good For
3) What You Need To Get Started
4) What Types Of Companies Pay Dividends
5) Building Your Prospect List
6) Building Your Watch List
7) Building Your Dividend Stock Portfolio
8) What To Do After You Buy Your Dividend Stocks
9) When To Sell 
10) Mindset, Discipline and Confidence When It Comes To Dividend Investing
11) List of Dividend Aristocrats
12) Company Profiles (updated periodically)

You can read the first chapter here: Dividend Investing - The Truth About Dividends and Long Term Income Investing

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