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Global Dividend Investing In Worldwide Brands | 5 Top Stocks

To find the best dividend stock there are many ways in the stock market.  The most useful way to search the stock is using a stock dividend screener.  By the use of stock dividend screener, you can scan the stock exchange for a number of stocks and select one. You can search many stock screening programs on the market. Various are free tools while some take fees. You may follow the papers, journals and guides that handle activities in the stock market and significant transactions of each stock being deal with.  You can also find many reports that you can use as a reference in finding the most notable dividend securities.

To make your search easy into the France stock market I am sharing with you best dividend stocks which are useful for francizes as well as Global investors:

- Total SA (NYSE: TOT): - It is a France multinational oil and gas company. It covers the almost whole business of oil and gas chain. It’s also engage in chemical manufacturing. Its head quarter is in the La Defense district in Courbevoie, West of Paris. It is a globally diversified energy firm. In 2013 its trading is at very reasonable price. It has a market capitalization of $112.94 billion. The P/E ratio is 8.21, P/S ratio 0.55 and P/B ratio 1.28. Dividend Yield 6.45percent with dividend 0.81. It ex-dividend date is 3 March 2013.

- France Telecom SA (NYSE: FTE): - It is a France based telecommunication company. It is a main competitor in the markets of Africa and the Middle East. It has a market capitalization of $25.13 billion. The P/E ratio is 26.37, P/S ratio 0.38 and Dividend Yield 14.74 percent with dividend 0.26. It ex-dividend date is 3 June 2013.

- Sanofi (NYSE: SNY): - It is a France multinational pharmaceutical company. Its HQ is in Paris and France. It works in the sector of research and development, marketing of pharmacy products, manufacturing etc. Its cover 7 major therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, central nervous system, diabetes, internal medicine, oncology, thrombosis and vaccines. It is a member of EFPIA. In 2004 it is founded as Sanofi-Aventis. In May 2011 its name changed to Sanofi. In January 2012 it announced that they will invest $125 Million in Warp Drive Bio to support their cancer research program. It has a market capitalization of $125.95 billion. The P/E ratio is 16.17; EPS is 2.43 and Dividend Yield 3.91 percent with dividend 1.86. It ex-dividend date is 6 May 2013.

- LVMH Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton (Pink: LVMUY): - It is a French group of company. Leading industry in luxury. It has a market capitalization of $85.58 billion. The P/E ratio is 19.23; EPS is 1.78 and Dividend Yield 2.22 percent with dividend 1.86.

- Group DANONE SA (Pink: DANOY): - It is a French food and dairy products company. It is a fine consumer staples company present in the market of Africa, Asia and Latin America. It has a market capitalization of $42.40 billion. The P/E ratio is 19.36; EPS is 0.73 and Dividend Yield 2.75 percent with dividend 0.39. The ex-dividend date is 29 April 2013.

For five years AGNC (American capital agency Corp.), SAN (Banco Santander Chile), BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) continuously has a good dividend yield 15.41%, 11.06%, 6.60% with market cap 11084.92, 74240.70, 44276.22, P/E ratio is 7.80, 8.51, 13.97.

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