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5 Stocks Paying Over 100 Years Cash | High Profile Dividend History

Now day’s experts are recommending those dividends paying stocks that consistently paid dividends during depressions, financial recessions, world wars, and other political and economic ruin.
Here are some high quality growth stocks to consider:

- Middlesex Water (NASDAQ: MSEX) is a water utility company. This company provides quality water and wastewater service to residents in parts of New Jersey and Delaware, and beyond. It works in two segments: regulated or non-regulated. Its regulated segment has contributed 90% of total revenue since December 31st, 2011. In the parts of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania its regulated segment collect, treat and distribute the water on a retail and wholesale residential, commercial, industrial and fire protection customers. The Non-Regulated segment consists of non-regulated segments contract services for the maintenance of municipal and private water and wastewater systems in New Jersey and Delaware.

·         Dividend paid since 1912.
·         Dividend yield is 3.9%.
·         The total value of the company in the stock market is 307.77 mn.
·         Price to earnings ratio is 21.77.

- H.J. Heinz Company (NYSE: HNZ) is commonly known as “Heinz”. This is famous for its "57 Varieties" slogan and its ketchup. This is a U.S. food processing company with world headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company is widely engaged in manufacturing and marketing of food products throughout the world. This principally produces ketchups, condiments and sauces, frozen foods, soup, beans and pasta meal, infant nutrition and other food products. This has operated in five segments such as North American Consumer Products, Europe, Asia/Pacific, U.S. Foodservice and Rest of World.

·         Dividend paid since 1911.
·         Dividend yield is 3.7%.
·         The total value of the company in the stock market is 23.26 bn.
·         Price to earnings ratio is 22.28.

- MGE Energy (NASDAQ: MGE) is a holding company which is based in Madison. This is wholly own subsidiary of MGE energy. This works in five segments: Regulated electric utility operations, Regulated gas utility operations, Non-regulated energy operations, transmission investments and investing in companies and property that relate to the regulated operations and financing the regulated operations. Its primary asset is Madison Gas and Electric Co. (MGE), which are regulated utility providing natural gas and electric service and promoting economic development. In MGE Energy also includes MGE Power LLC, MGE Power West Campus, LLC, MGE Power Elm Road, LLC, MGE Transco Investment LLC, Central Wisconsin Development Corporation, MAGAEL, LLC, and MGE Construct LLC.

MGE generates and distributes electricity to 139,000 customers in Dane County. Purchases and distributes gas to 144,000 customers in seven south-central and western Wisconsin counties. At the end of 2011, MGE Energy's assets total nearly $1.5 billion.

·         Dividend paid since 1909.
·         Dividend yield is 3.3%.
·         The total value of the company in the stock market is 1.27 bn.
·         Price to earnings ratio is 19.75.

- Teco Energy (NYSE: TE) is also a holding company. This is a S&P 500 energy-related company based in Tampa, Florida. It electrical division provides retail electric service to more than 678,000 customers in West Central Florida with a net winter system generating capability of 4,684 megawatts. It regulated Florida operations of Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas, TECO Energy businesses are engaged in coal production in TECO Coal in Kentucky and Virginia and electric power generation and related businesses in TECO Guatemala. In 2000, TECO Energy was fined $3.5 million for making changes in emissions producing facilities without installing new updated pollution controls. In 2004 leads in coal and natural gases. In 2010 it will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions at the plant by approximately 85 percent from levels recorded in 1998.

·         Dividend paid since 1900.
·         Dividend yield is 4.6%.
·         The total value of the company in the stock market is 3.77 bn.
·         Price to earnings ratio is 15.24.

- Avista Corporation (NYSE: AVA) is an energy company. Its function is the generation, transmission and distribution of energy or other energy related businesses. AVA has two business segments: Avista Utilities and Ecova. The company is providing reliable and safe energy services to customers in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and parts of southern and eastern Oregon.

·              Dividend paid since 1899.
·              Dividend yield is 4.3%.
·              The total value of the company in the stock market is 1.58 bn.
·              Price to earnings ratio is 20.04.

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