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The 10 Best Dividend Paying Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

This guide is investors who want to get started investing in dividend stocks and want to know the basics to begin.  If you are already a seasoned investor, then it's probably not for you.
Want to receive checks from your investments every month or quarter (depending on how often the company pays out) rather than wait around for the stock price to increase? 

Then investing for the dividend income is a wise strategy in both good and bad market conditions.

In fact history has shown that investors that choose stocks that pay good dividends actually fare better than those investors that don't.

In this guide, finance blogger and author Tracey Edwards has done the research for you and lists the 10 best paying dividend stocks in the Dow Jones right now.

You'll learn:

* Why investing for the dividend income can help reduce your risk in the stock market.

* What a good yield is and what a great yield is.

* Why it's a good strategy to choose blue chip stocks so that you can take advantage of capital growth as well as income.

* The top 10 highest paying dividend yield stocks within the Dow, whether they have dividend reinvestment plans and what the stock price increase (or decrease) has been over the past twelve months.

* Whether you should reinvest your dividends or take the cash.
This guide will help you decide whether investing for the dividend income is a good strategy for you and which stocks are the best options.

Read the first Chapter here: The 10 Best Dividend Paying Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

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