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Top High Dividend Yield Stocks of India

High dividend yield stocks are a safer investment and safety has more priority compared to high returns. Investing in these stocks is one of value investment strategy. These stocks can give the decent return on the investment even when the market remains volatile and lot of uncertain arises due to headwinds coming from domestic and global. 

High dividend yield stocks are always a great choice of investors. Here are some Indian dividend stocks with high dividend yield that can be a profitable investment for investors.

SRF Limited –
SRF limited is an Indian manufacturing company that has manufacturing plants in India, South Africa, Thailand and the UAE. The company is engaged in the manufacture of chemical based industrial intermediates. The company was established in 1970. It operates in three segments: technical textile business (TTB), chemicals and polymers business (CPB) and packaging films business (PFB). The TTB segment is related to nylon tire cord fabric, belting fabric, coated fabric etc. CPB is related to refrigerant gases, chloromethane, pharmaceuticals, engineering plastics business and its research and development and PFB is related to polyester films. Its current market capitalization is 9.80 billion and dividend yield is 5.86%.

Oil India Limited –
This is an Indian public sector oil and gas company that is based in Assam. The company is engaged in the exploration, development and crude oil and natural gas production business.  The company holds 1, 56,890 square kilometer of acreage. 50% owned of the company has joint venture indoil Netherlands B.V. is holding in exploration, production, marketing, trade, transport and extraction of oil, gas hydrocarbons and minerals. The company has current market capitalization of 296.96 billion, P/E ratio is 10.85 and EPs is 45.51. it has dividend yield of 5.67% for march 2013.

Andhra Bank –
This is an Indian based public sector bank. The company operates in treasury corporate/wholesale banking, retail banking and other banking segments. The bank’s deposits have current deposits, saving deposits and term deposits. The company provides the facility to invest in government securities, other approved securities, shares, debentures and bonds. It also includes the offers of core banking solutions, internet banking, mobile banking and tele banking.
Its current market capitalization in 53.10 billion, P/E ratio is 8.53 and EPS is 11.13. It has the yield of 5.80% at the present time.

Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd –
Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd is an Indian based company that manufactures industrial packaging barrels and drums, LPG cylinders, gases and lubricants, leather chemicals, functional additives and marine freight containers. The company is the largest steel manufacturer company in India and was founded in 1867 in Calcutta. The company operates in eight segments. Its market capitalization is 10.05 billion and dividend yield is currently 4.54%.

Power Finance Corporation Ltd. –
Power Finance Corporation Ltd. was founded in July 1986. This is an Indian financial institution that is also call the financial backbone of Indian power sector. The company is listed on both Bombay stock Exchange (BSE) and also National Stock Exchange (NSE). The company provides a broad range of financial products. Its market capitalization is 233.58 billion, P/E ratio is 7.50 and EPS is 23.61. The company currently has the dividend yield of 3.96%.

Summary –
High dividend yield stock strategy can be a good strategy for those value investors who are looking at the Intrinsic Value of a firm. They hold stocks for a long term and want to gain profit from dividends, capital appreciation, buybacks, bonus issues etc. investors can get profit by investing in best high yield dividend India stocks.

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