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5 High Income Stocks From The Indian Stock Market

The stock market in India is quite mature. It is also true that the country has the largest investor base in the world after the US and Japan. Investors can invest in shares, debentures, mutual funds and securities among other investment tools. Investing in Indian dividend stocks is also beneficial for Non-Resistent Indians (NRI’s). They can invest the Indian stock market under a Portfolio Investment Scheme that is regulated by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

In this article I'm sharing some Indian stocks with dividends that can be helpful by creating an income portfolio.

ACC Limited (NSE: ACC) –
ACC Limited Company is a cement company. It is the largest producer of cement in India. The homebase is in Mumbai. The company is engaged in manufacturing of cement and also involves in the manufacture of ready mixed concrete. In Karnataka, the company has grinding plants and clinkering line in Maharashtra. In October 2012, it was amalgamated with ACC Concrete Limited and in November 2012, its subsidiary Encore Cement and Additives Private Limited was amalgamated with it.

The company has a market capitalization of 228.78 Billion, EPS is 56.27, P/E ratio is 21.65 and the dividend yield is 2.46% at the annual dividend payout of 19.00.

Rolta India Limited (NSE: ROLTA) –
Rolta India Limited is an Indian-based company and was established in 1989. The company is engaged in the engineering design/geospatial information system (GIS) Solutions, E-Business and other information technology (IT) related services. The company operates in three business segments: Enterprise Geospatial and Defense Solutions (EGDS), Enterprise Design and Operation Solutions (EDOS) and Enterprise Information Technology Solutions (EITS).

It has a market capitalization of 9.75 Billion, EPS is 21.76, P/E ratio is 2.78 and the dividend yield is 4.96% at the annual dividend payout of 3.00.

ISMT Ltd. is based in India and is engaged in manufacturing seamless tubes and engineering steels. The company makes carbon, alloy and martensitic stainless steel bars with a special emphasis on ultra-clean steels, free machining steels, bearing steels, and on other specially engineering steel grades. On May 28, 2012, the company’s 40 megawatts Captive power plant commenced its commercial production.

The company has a market capitalization of 1.38 Billion, EPS is 6.94, P/E ratio is 1.35 and the dividend yield is 7.98% at the annual dividend payout of 0.75.

Polyplex Corporation Limited (NSE: POLYPLEX) –
Polyplex Corporation Limited Company manufactures Biaxially Oriented Polyester Film for packaging, electrical and other industrial applications which are used in the flexible packaging industry. The company has manufacturing facilities in India, Thailand and Turkey. The company’s business includes PET film, BOPP & CPP films, silicone coating and extrusion coating business. In January 2013, it sold its minority stake in its subsidiary, Polyplex (Americas) Inc. USA to another Subsidiary.

It has a market capitalization of 5.04 Billion and the dividend yield is 2.54 percent at the annual dividend payout of 4.00.

IDBI Bank Limited (NSE: IDBI) –
IDBI Bank Limited is an Indian-based commercial bank that provides credit and other facilities for the development of the fledgling Indian industry. The bank operates in tree segments: Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking and Treasury Services. It offers personalized banking and financial solutions to its clients in the retail and corporate banking area through its network of branches and automated teller machine. The bank also provides infrastructure financing for structuring and financing of infrastructure projects in the areas of power, telecom, roads, airports, seaports, railways and logistics, as well as special economic zones (SEZs).

It has a market capitalization of 111.22 billion and the dividend yield is 4.02% at the annual dividend payout of 3.50.

For more information about Indian dividends please visit the site Dividend Investor.

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