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India Attracts Foreign Investment | A Compilation Of High-Yields

The economy of India is the fourth largest economy of the world on the basis of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). It is also the most attractive destinations for business and investment opportunities because of the huge manpower base, diversified natural resources and strong macro-economic fundamentals. 

India's economic growth and performance in the world is explained in terms of statistical information which is provided by the different economic parameters. While making a portfolio of Indian dividend stocks to buy you can consider these stocks.

Stock Exchange
Repro India Limited
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd
Max India Limited
Sakuma Exports Limited
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

Repro India Limited (REPRO)
The company has a Price earnings ratio of 4.14 and a high dividend yield of 7.46%. Repro is based in India providing print solutions to client, which include engineering, creative designing, pre-press, printing, post-press, knitting and assembly, warehousing, dispatch, database management, sourcing and procurement, localization and Web based services. The company acquired India printing operations of Macmillan Publishers India Ltd in July 2011.

Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. (ELECON)
The stock has a dividend yield of 4.09% and a market capitalization of 2.66 Billion. This Indian-based company manufactures various products offered to various industries such as power, chemicals, steel, plastics elevators, palm oil, marine engineering, cement, sugar, mining, petroleum, coal handling and fertilizers. It is committed to be present in all the leading & emerging markets of the world by expanding, collaborating and associating with other partners and consolidating its presence in already penetrated markets.

Max India Limited (MAX)
With the dividend yield of 7.14% the stock is listed on National Stock Exchange. It is a manufacturer of specialty plastic film products for packaging industry. The company has also invested in different subsidiaries in diversified business including healthcare, life insurance, health insurance, clinical research etc. it was incorporated in 1982 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Its manufacturing facility is located at Railmajra, Nawanshahr, Punjab.

Sakuma Exports Limited (SAKUMA)
It is Indian-based Company which is involved in the trading of commodities and wind power generation. Its current market cap is 232.34 Million and a forward dividend yield is 7.14% with the P/E ratio of 3.13. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011 it sold 171687.79 metric tons of sugar, 25175 metric tons of pulses and 239345.68 metric tons of other commodities. During the fiscal year 2011 the Sakuma Exports Limited sold 1801438 units of electricity.

Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd (HGS)
The stock has currently a dividend yield of 6.97% and a market cap of 5.91 Billion. It is headquartered in Banglore its largest IT base is in Nagercoil and main process is MegaPath in Banglore. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012 it added 18 centers which include the addition of 10 centers from OLS, Inc., four centers of HGS Business Services private Limited and four centers on an organic basis. In June 2013 the company announced the opening of its twelfth deliver center in Barrie in Ontario, Canada.

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