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The Best Dividend Growth Stocks Compiled in 7 Dividend Yield Factbooks

I've recently updated my 7 Dividend Yield Fact Books for October 2013. If you like dividend growth investing you will definitely like these 7 Books. It's a full compilation of around 400 great dividend growth stocks from all over the world.

You can get a full overview about the best dividend paying income growth stocks with the following Yield Fact Books. All you need to do is to make a small donation for our blog. We've published over 2,200 articles for free over the recent years and want to keep free and neutral for everybody.

Dividend Champions Yield Fact Book (5 Pages, approx. 105 companies)
   Stocks with over 25 years of dividend growth

Dividend Contenders Yield Fact Book (8 Pages, approx. 176 companies)

   Stocks with 10-25 years of dividend growth

Dividend Challengers Yield Fact Book (8 Pages, approx. 190 companies)
   Stocks with 5-10 years of dividend growth

Dividend Aristocrats Fact Book (over 50 companies)
   All stocks from the Dividend Aristocrats Index with fundamentals

Dogs of the Dow Jones Fact Book
   The 10 cheapest stocks from the Dow Jones

International Dividend Achievers Fact Book

   Over 60 foreign companies with over 10 years of consecutive dividend growth

Dividend Yield Fact Book "Indices" (16 Pages, approx. 560 companies)
   Dividend stocks from major indices with fundamentals and ratings

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