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These High-Yield Stocks Go Ex-Dividend In The Upcoming Week

I love stocks that go ex-dividend soon, because of the fast dividend payment I receive. It doesn't really matter because the next payment will normally come within the next 3 months.

However, attached is a list of the highest yielding stocks that go ex-dividend within the upcoming week. The full list can be found here: Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Next Week July 27 – Aug 02, 2015.

Below is a current stock list of dividend stocks (common shares, preferred shares and American Depositary Receipts – ADR’s), paying forthcoming dividends and having their ex-dividend within the week July 27 – Aug 02, 2015. The average dividend-yield amounts to 4.85 percent.

High-Yield Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Next Week July 27 – Aug 02, 2015

Realty Income, a monthly dividend paying stock is on the list. I personally like Ford. Many guru's bought General Motors. Beware the cyclical sector. The financial crisis 2007 hit both companies hard.

REITS, Pipeline stocks and Oil companies dominating the list. You must definitely a tough investor to put money into those stocks.

If I go down the list with lower yields and less risky business models, I love PAYX, AES, CALM, ADT, EV, ETN, CAG, AMTD, TAP, HAS and some more. Which stocks do you like?

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