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High-Yielding Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Coming Week

Here I share all higher capitalized stocks going ex-dividend next week.
60 dividend stocks go ex-dividend in the upcoming week of which 30 are capitalized over 2 billion.

Afull list of next weeks ex-dividend stocks can be found here: Ex-Dividend Stocks of the Week September 21, 2015 – September 27, 2015. The average dividend-yield amounts to 4.55 percent.

Check out the top yielding stocks, starting at 2.11% and ending at 8.82%---

Highest Yielding Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Next Week (Click to enlarge)

Which do you prefer? Well, on the higher yield side, there are many energy related stocks as well as REITs.

Those are also high debt loaded with enormous payouts.

I like Total, Williams, Staples, Medtronic and IFF.

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