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13 Dividend Growth Stocks With A Strong Buy Rating

Companies that have raised their dividend payments for at least 10 consecutive years are known as dividend achievers. It's an exclusive club containing just 335 companies.

It's always hard to find the good stocks from the bad performer. I personal approach is based on fundamentals. If a stock looks cheap, it offers values, than it might be buy. But sometimes they are cheap for a simple reason. They have longer enduring operational problems or face a hard headwind for the future.

It could also make sense to look what analysts recommend or discover the trade statistics of big guru's like Warren Buffett or George Soros.

Today I like to focus on the highest recommended stocks from the dividend achievers list. Those stocks are highlights and were rewarded by analysts with the highest buy recommendation, a strong buy.

Only 13 of 335 companies received such a high rating. Attached you can find a full list of the results.

These are the results....

13 Dividend Growth Stocks
With The Strongest Buy Recommendation
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