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16 Stocks With Potential To Double Dividends Soon

Dividend stocks can be the foundation of a great retirement portfolio. Dividend payments not only put money in your pocket, which can help hedge against any downward moves in the stock market, but they're usually a sign of a financially sound company. 

Dividends also give investors a painless opportunity to reinvest in a stock, thus boosting future payouts and compounding gains over time. Yet not all income stocks live up to their full potential. 

Utilizing the payout ratio, or the percentage of profits a company returns in the form of a dividend to its shareholders, we can get a good bead on whether a company has room to increase its dividend. Ideally, we like to see healthy payout ratios between 50% and 75%. 

Here are three income stocks with payout ratios currently below 50% that could potentially double their dividends within the following years.

Each of the results has fulfilled the following criteria:

- Double Digit EPS Growth For The Next Five Years

- Sales Growth Over 5% Over The Recent Half Decade
- Positive Dividend Payments
- Payout Ratio Below 30%
- Debt/Equity Under 0.2

These are the results...

16 Stocks With Potential To Double Dividends Soon (click to enlarge)

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