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14 Arguments For Apple Each Long-Term Investor Should Know Now!

Apple released recently its quarter results from the most important fiscal of the full year.

The number disappointed investors despite numbers at all time highs.

Apple is still the biggest company on the planet but if you compare the size with its business operations around the world, apple becomes modest.

These are now over 1 billion active iphone outside, which are potential iTunes sales machines.

The company owned store becomes more and more imporant. The core question is if we have seen the apple peak or will the tech giant become more dominant in the future with new products like iWatch, iTV and iCar?

Mid-Term AAPL Forecasts By Reuters,

Make your own picture with these 14 facts from the latest Apple report...

Here are 14 facts from Apple's most recent report that have me confident in the stock as a long-term holding.

1. Apple's first fiscal quarter revenue, net income, and EPS rose to $75.9 billion, $18.4 billion, and $3.28, respectively, in Q1 -- a record for all three metrics. This represents year-over-year growth of 1.7%, 2.2%, and 7.2%, respectively.

2. The company's outsized year-over-year growth in EPS compared to net income was driven by its aggressive share repurchases between Q1 2015 and Q1 2016.

3. Apple returned over $9 billion to investors through share repurchases and dividends in Q1.

4. The company's gross profit margin for the quarter was 40.1% -- up from 37.9% in the year-ago quarter.

5. Apple sold 74.8 million iPhones during the quarter, up slightly from 74.5 million units in the year-ago quarter.

6. Revenue for the company's services segment, which includes sales from iTunes, Apple Music, the App Store, Licensing, Service Parts, iCloud, and Apple Pay, increased 26% compared to the year-ago quarter. This segment now represents about 8% of Apple's total revenue -- up from 6.4% of revenue in the year-ago quarter.

7. Apple said the gross profit margin for its services segment mirrors its robust company average gross profit margin of 40%.

8. Revenue from Apple's other products segment, which includes sales of the Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, iPod, and other Apple-branded and third-party accessories, jumped 62% compared to the year-ago quarter. This segment now represents 5.7% of Apple's revenue -- up from 3.6% of revenue in the year-ago quarter.

9. Apple saw a greater rate of switchers from Android to iPhone in Q1 than ever before.

10. The company's balance sheet now boasts $216 billion in cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities, or $39 per share.

11. Apple now has an installed base of 1 billion active devices, up 25%, year over year.

12. The average selling price for Apple's iPhone in the quarter was $691 -- up from $687 in the year-ago quarter. In constant currency, this figure would have been $740.

13. India revenue in Q1 was up 38% from the year-ago quarter, or 48% in constant currency.

14. iPhone unit sales for Q1 in China and India were up 19% and 76%, respectively, year over year.


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