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Despite Market Sell-Off: 16 S&P 500 Stocks Close To Fresh 52-Week Highs

Stock markets are in correction mode but not all stocks declined within the past months. 

Not so surprisingly, they’re mostly defensive names like staples and utilities. 

After all, we’ll need to stock up on plenty of cans of Campbell soup and Hormel SPAM for our bunkers to ride out the market volatility (not to mention the 2016 elections!). 

Looking back at 2011, not only did most of these stocks perform respectably during the 2011 selloff, they participated in the rally back (although on a low beta).Attached you will find a selection of stocks near 52-Week Highs.

Only 16 companies from the S&P 500 have achieved this.

Here are the results...

16 S&P 500 Stocks Close To Fresh 52-Week Highs (click to enlarge)
Source: Barrons Blogs, Bloomberg, Macro Risk Advisors

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