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Gold Comes Back: Here Are The 15 Best Dividend Ideas From The Industry

Dividend stocks – that term says a lot. You buy a stock and on a recurring basis it pays you a cash dividend....And over time, thanks to those cash distributions and capital appreciation fueled by shareholder loyalty, the stock price rises. 

That’s a great way to build wealth. Another way is to buy gold. Gold is a true hard value and should hedge your cash against inflation.

In the past, it worked really well until gold prices began to crash. In recent days we see a small turnaround of gold prices. The leading big reserve banks still pumping tons of money into the market and a fear of recession is increasing.

However, I'm not a gold investor and don't have any gold stocks but for sentiment or momentum trader, it could be a great trading idea to bet on rising gold prices with gold dividend stocks.

Attached I've compiled all 15 gold stocks that pay a dividend. If you have any comments, please share your thoughts at the box below. Thank you for reading and contributing.

Gold Comes Back: Here Are The 15 Best Dividend Ideas
From The Gold Mining Industry
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