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14 Cheap Large Cap Dividend Stocks You Should Know!

If you like to make money with stocks as long-term investor and you don't want to overpay a company, you must keep an eye on dividend stocks with acceptable P/E, P/B and P/S ratios.

Value investors often use these criteria in order to find cheap stocks. 

They also hope that the market will recognize those undervalued asset and buy them until the price reaches the intrinsic value.

Today I like to share a screen of cheap large caps with you. Here are my criteria:

- Positive Dividend Yield

- 5-Year Forward EPS Growth Over 10% Yearly
- Low Forward P/E (Under 15)
- Price To Book Under 2
- Price To Sales Under 1

Fourteen stocks fulfilled the criteria of which two are high-yield stocks. My favorites are Ford, GM, Energy Transfer and CRH. Which stocks do you like?

These are the results from the research...

14 Cheap Large Cap Dividend Stocks
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