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19 Modestly Valueated Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold For The Next 20 Years

Though it's undeniably gratifying to watch any stock you own skyrocket in value over short periods of time, the best way to predictably generate wealth is to buy and hold shares of great companies over the long term.

And we're not talking periods of just weeks or months, but rather years or -- better yet -- decades. So attached I've tried to compile a dozen stocks that might be the ideal investment for the long term.

The basis for me was a strong established corporate structure with big brands which drive billions of dollars each year into the company without a low Capex desire.

Dividend Achievers often have such a big footprint in their industry and they become stronger with every recession over decades.

These are the criteria of my screen:

- Sales growth in the past five years positive

- Expected EPS growth for the next five years over 5 percent yearly
- Low forward P/E
- Debt to equity under 0.5

19 stocks fulfilled my above mentioned criteria of which four have a dividend yield over 3 percent. The screen is not focused on yield but more on financial stability and future growth. Pick the right growth stock and you could get rich. Remember McDonalds in the 80ies. What a wonderful investment.

Here are some of my ideas you might get for an attractive price...

19 Modest Valueated Dividend Stocks
To Buy And Hold For The Next 20 Years
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