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My Top Stocks From The International Dividend Achievers Index

Why Dividends Matter? Companies that pay regular dividends tend to be in better financial health and produce sustained earnings and revenue growth. 

Dividends help identify well-managed companies; every dividend declaration represents a promise by management and a vote of confidence by the board of directors in the company's leadership. 

Companies that consistently raise their dividend payouts also raise the bar on their own performance expectations. 

Shares of dividend-paying companies possess built-in value that makes them generally more resilient in down markets, with solid appreciation potential during earnings-driven market upturns — with less price volatility.

That's the theory. In real, there are several indices you can follow in order to discover the best dividend paying stocks.

Very poplular are Dividend Aristocrats and the CCC Lists. But those have in common that they are focussed on national domiciled stocks.

For sure, on an international basis, the number of stocks with a long dividend growth history is very limited. That's the reason why we need to turn down the classic rules of Dividend Growth.

Today I screened the lists of International Dividend Achievers, stocks with more than 5 consecutive years of dividend growth by companies with good looking fundamentals and growth perspectives.

Attached you will find 17 of my top results. The list contains 6 stocks with a yield over 4 percent. 

Here are the results...

My Top Stocks From The International Dividend Achievers Index
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