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The Best Dividend Ideas From The Buyback Achievers Index

There are a number of ways in which a company can return wealth to its shareholders. 

Although stock price appreciation and dividends are the two most common ways of doing this, there are other useful, and often overlooked, ways for companies to share their wealth with investors: Dividends and share buybacks. 

Buybacks is one way to build values for investors. It's a kind of income usage. Buying back own shares increases future eps when the net income is constant.

Today I would like to introduce a number of stocks with interesting fundamentals and price ratios that have bought own shares in a significant amount back.

Each of the attached stocks have fulfilled all of the following criteria:

- Share reduction over the past year over 5%
- Forward P/E under 15
- Debt-to-equity under 1
- Positive ROA
- EPS growth for the next five years over 5%
- Dividend yield at least 2%

Here are the results...

The Best Dividend Ideas From The
Buyback Achievers Index
(click to enlarge)

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