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The Best Monthly Dividend Stocks For High-Yield Income Investors

The table below provides a list of 17 monthly dividend stocks sorted on dividend yield. 

A handful of these businesses even have investment grade credit ratings. 

It should be noted that this list is not all inclusive of monthly dividend paying stocks as there were a few monthly distribution paying master limited partnerships (MLPs) and a couple of crude oil production trusts that I chose to leave off this initial list of stocks. 

MLPs and crude oil trusts are not stocks and their accounting and financial reporting is sufficiently different that they should be covered separately.

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Here is the list...

Best Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks;
Source: Seeking Alpha


  1. I and my kids own AT. Not much in increases but the dividend is nice. What does the Infinite mean on the payout ratio (to high to record??)

  2. Anonymous9/13/2016

    Looking for updates on AT?


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