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18 High Yielding Dividend Large Cap Stocks With Single-Digit P/E Ratios

Looking for some income in your portfolio? Even growth-oriented investors can appreciate dividend stocks and the payouts they provide, even if that cash is ultimately earmarked for the purchase of growth stocks.

With bonds still paying next to nothing despite the Federal Reserve’s plans to start ratcheting up interest rates, dividend stocks are the only viable way to drive cash flow at a level that at least keeps pace with inflation.

It’s not a look that should be taken lazily, mind you. Sometimes a dividend yield is high simply because a stock has fallen in anticipation that its dividend will soon be cut. 

On the other hand, sometimes a yield is strong because the market proverbially threw the baby out with the bathwater. Even the names that have fallen due to fears of a reduced dividend, however, can sometimes make for worthy speculations.

The situation doesn’t become clear until a particular company is scrutinized. Whatever the case, to help investors get their search for income started, here’s a closer look at the 18 large caps with single-digit P/E multiples and dividend yields over 4 percent.

These are the results...

18 High Yielding Dividend Large Cap Stocks
With Single-Digit P/E Ratios
and Yields Over 4%
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  1. Anonymous9/20/2016

    Hiya, I'd like to filter by different criteria as well, eg. EPS growth %, could you please let me know which screener you use and a few names you could recommend to start having a look?

    Thank you!!

  2. Anonymous9/24/2016

    Hello, would you mind helping your readers? I am interested in the same question...


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