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20 Best Dividend Paying Restaurants

Restaurant stocks are a little risky, since they're subject to food scares, seasons and recessions, but they're fun, especially if they have dividends. 

Yet some analysts are predicting a bear market will impact restaurant stocks in the near future, since consumers cut their discretionary dining budgets when times are tight. 

The sector is on the front lines when the bear market appears. But others say the public might head toward affordable food, so restaurants with lower priced menus might do well. And, with consumer confidence in July at one of the highest points since the recovery, at 97, and unemployment claims so low, these may be signals of a healthy economy.

Making income through dividend investing involves searching for solid companies that have a good chance of increasing the dividend year after year. As the company's sales and profits grow, dividends usually grow also, and the money you make can be reinvested or used as cash. 

Attached you will find a list of all dividend payers in the restaurant business.

Here are the best dividend paying restaurants on the market...

20 Best Dividend Paying Restaurants
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  1. Howard9/05/2016

    Thanks, Tom. This is a useful way of grouping dividend stocks. Namely, focusing on the dividend stocks in a particular segment; in this case, restaurant stocks.

    I already own MCD and CBRL. The only other one from your list that I was tempted by was DRI. But DRI lowered its dividend in 2016, and that's a deal killer for me. (MCD has gone 40 years without lowering its div, and CBRL has gone at least 14 years without lowering its div. This kind of "streak" is one of the most important factors to me.

    I hope you'll do this kind of grouping again with other sectors.


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