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20 Cheap Dividend Challenger Dogs With Yields Up To 11.79%

If income is your investment objective, the deck is stacked against you, as interest rates remain velcroed to record lows. But there are attractive dividend stocks out there, provided you can commit for the long run. 

The Dividend Growth stocks from 5 to 50 years of consecutive dividend growth are the most popular stocks within the long-term income asset class.

I often write about stocks with a longer investment period and one basic approach is to look at the past performance of a business in order to develop future prospects of the firm. 

I believe that a good past performance tells us something about the quality of the business, the market barriers, brands and consumer loyalty. It also tells us something about volume products and the art of business, the magic formula about selling a product.

Today I like to introduce some of the highest yielding stocks with cheap price mutiples from the Dividend Challengers list. Each of the stocks has increased dividends by more than 5 years in a row.

These are the best dogs from the Dividend Challengers list...

20 Cheapest Dividend Challengers
With Yields Up To 11.79%
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