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20 Dividend Aristocrats With Double-Digit Earnings Growth Forecast

Dividend Aristocrats are a group of 50 stocks in the S&P 500 Index that have increased their dividend payments for at least 25 consecutive years, a sign of impressive profitability, financial strength, and management's confidence in the business.

The Dividend Aristocrats index is thought to be composed of well known businesses long past their respective growth phases.

One of the top 10 fastest growing Dividend Aristocrats combines both growth and value. AFLAC (AFL) has a 10 year per share growth rate of 8.53%, and a P/E ratio less than 10.

It is rare to find businesses trading for cheap with a long history of dividend increases and strong growth. It is particularly impressive to see businesses that are ‘in decline’ such as Coca-Cola (KO) and Pepsi (PEP) on the list.

Looking at each of the 50 dividend aristocrats on the list today here are the top 10 dividend stocks that could be the most successful companies over the next decade and beyond. All I've done is to select those stocks with the highest expected earnings growth for the next half decade.

The 20 Dividend Aristocrats with the highest expected 10 year earnings per share growth rates are below. Each of the twenty stocks should grow EPS by more than 10 percent.

These are the results...

20 Dividend Aristocrats With
Double-Digit Earnings Growth Forecast
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