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20 Great Dividend Stocks With Yields Between 10.20% and 20.63%

Any income investor is aware that with interest rates being so low for so long, market prices for bonds and dividend stocks are likely to fall as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.

But even after the Fed changes direction and begins raising the federal funds rate above the range of zero to 0.25%, where it has been locked since late 2008, rates are likely to remain quite low for a long time.

So the market prices of income-producing securities may not fall as much as many investors fear, or maybe they’ll stage a recovery after the hysteria of the Fed’s likely near-term policy change wears off.

High-growth momentum stocks are nice, but many investors these days are more interested in stability and dependable dividends. 

If you’re an income-oriented investor, the attached list of high yielding dividend stocks is ideal for further research. Each of the stocks has a double-digit dividend yield with positive ROA and positive 5 year earnings growth forecasts.

Some of these stocks may be boring, some of the yields may not be thrilling and some may not have impressive earnings growth in their future. 

But all of the 20 dividend stocks are worth a deeper look when it comes to preserving capital and making regular dividend payments. Check out the list below and sort by company, yield or dividend history.

Here is the list...

20 Great Dividend Stocks With Yields Between 10.20% and 20.63%
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