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15 Dividend Champions With A Cheap Forward P/E Under 15

While looking for a bargain dividend stock, many investors simply screen for those with the highest yield or the one that's fallen the most in the past month. 

But I take a different approach: How much of a yield will I likely be getting for my purchase 10 years from now?

That type of thinking has led to a couple of outstanding picks over the years. 

For instance, I bought shares of Aflac in Feb. 2009 for $17.50. Seven years later, I now get $1.64 in dividends for every share I own. In other words, I now have a 9.4% yield. And it goes up every quarter.

Viewed through this lens, these are nearly a dozen dividend stocks that I think are bargains right now -- based on what they'll likely be paying 10 years from now.

The attached list includes all Dividend Champions with a forward P/E of less than 15. Each of the results grown dividends over more than 25 consecutive years.

These are the stocks I'm talking about...

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