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53 Stocks With Over 1000% Return In 7 Years

We are talking a lot about capital return secured by dividends. Growth is an essential element to create wealth. 

Dividends give you a regual income and hedge you against capital losses. They are no wealth driver in general.

Today I would like to present a couple of stocks that tenfold over the past six years. Each of the companies generated a stock return over 1000% since 2009.

There are not many companies on the list, only 53. Most of them are high growth names like Starbucks, Netflix, Priceline or Expedia. 

The financial crisis also gave investors the great opportunity to buy high-quality businesses for a really cheap price. Especially high leveraged stocks with big debt burden or companies with cyclic products were traded at deep discounts.

Here is a table of percentage moves from the March 9, 2009 stock market bottom for 54 stocks with returns over 1,000% listed in alphabetical order.

These are the results...

53 Stocks With Over 1000% Return In 7 Years
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