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Dividend Aristocrats With The Lowest Price To Book (P/B) Ratio

We have seen that simple value strategies tend to outperform. This has been the case with each one we have looked at so far, including the P/E ratio and its alternatives. 

Today's article will change that trend. Normally there would not be much point in writing an article about what doesn't work. 

But this particular ratio is one of the most frequently reported and used, so I think it's worth discussing. 

 The price to book (P/B) ratio is defined as: P/B = Market Cap / Book Value The low P/B strategy buys companies that are trading at the largest discounts to their net asset values.

Today I will share the 20 cheapest Dividend Aristocrats by P/B ratio with you. 

Here are the results...

Dividend Aristocrats With The Lowest Price To Book (P/B) Ratio
(click to enlarge)

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