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The Cheapest Dividend Stocks On NASDAQ

You might not think of the Nasdaq as synonymous with big dividends. The Nasdaq Composite index, which essentially consists of every domestic and foreign stock that trades on the exchange, has long been heavy on technology and those technology companies have historically shown a bias for reinvesting their profits to finance future growth, rather than returning cash to shareholders.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find some rich payouts. Attached are 50 Nasdaq-listed companies with generous dividends that have the potential to grow. Even better, many of the stocks are dirt cheap. The yields grow up to 8.06% and starts at 0.56%.

Several of the companies have similar profiles: large technology firms that are past their years of rapid growth but still throw off a lot of cash, which can be used to boost distributions. But the Nasdaq holds more than just tech, so we’ve also included a few companies from other sectors, as well as some less-well-known tech firms.

These are the latest dividend dogs from NASDAQ....

The Cheapest Dividend Stocks On NASDAQ 
(Source: Seeking Alpha)

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