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These 9 Dividend Aristocrats Look Most Attractive Now

Investors have enjoyed many years of cheering for dividend hikes. Now there is some belief that after a seven and a half year bull market run that many companies will have a hard time raising their dividends with as much vigor (or at all) in the years ahead.

Roughly half of all total returns through time come from dividends, so investors who want a solid dividend strategy ahead are much more likely to prefer those companies that have a history of raising their dividends year after year — and that can keep raising dividends ahead.

Attached you will find 9 of the cheapest Dividend Aristocrats by forward P/E. Each of the stocks pays a dividend yield of 2% to 4.73%.

These are the cheapest Dividend Aristocrats now...

These 9 Dividend Aristocrats Look Most Attractive Now
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  1. LTI -

    Nice post, love TGT, Trow at the prices they are at, and for some reason, I am stubborn on AT&T, I want them lower!!

    Thanks for sharing, talk soon.



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