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11 Best Dividend Paying Water Utilities Dividend Stocks

Water utility companies provide drinking water and wastewater services for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors on municipal, state, and federal levels. Many times, these are natural monopolies and are stable, established corporations. These companies generally pay average to slightly above average dividend yields.

Providing clean water all over the world is a significant global challenge, both for water utility stocks and for conservationists. In a 2012 article, I mentioned that the United Nations and organizations such as were addressing this problem. Today I focus on water conservation on Main Street -- where water bills are higher due to new water meters and the general overuse of water.

But high water bills may make water utility stocks more appealing for investors.

The following table includes 11 water utilities. Many water utilities have multiyear histories of increasing their dividends making them candidates for a dividend reinvestment portfolio.

Here are the 11 Best Dividend Paying Water Utilities Dividend Stocks...

Best Water Utilities Dividend Stocks (click to enlarge)

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