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20 High Yielding Stocks With A Low Risk Profile To Consider

I want to talk today to a specific audience: current or soon-to-be retirees who have done a great job of saving for retirement but don't want to see their nest egg disappear as they enjoy their golden years.

The backbone of any retirement portfolio is a collection of solid, dividend-paying stocks. It's all the better if those stocks are relatively low-risk. Here I'm going to look at three different stocks that are as boring as they get. They deal with soup, jellies, and paint, among other things.

But for low-risk investors, boring is good. And so is an uber-safe dividend payout. Attached you will find a couple of stocks from my safe heaven list, which is basicly focussed on large caps with low beta ratios and high dividend payments, all with a low debt leverage.

These are the 20 highest yielding results...

20 High Yielding Stocks With A Low Risk Profile To Consider
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  1. Love your newsletters! But, as with another recent newsletter, the "click to enlarge" feature does not work. Seems you are missing the required HTML code.

    1. Anonymous11/21/2016

      It's corrected, now it works..try it and thanks for your notice.


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