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Dividend Growth Stock Compilation Of The Past Week

Readers of this space know that the primary focus of my dividend portfolio is to create ever-increasing income money machine by investing in dividend growth securities.

A slew of mixed earnings reports were released over the past week. Investor sentiment remains particularly fragile with uncertainty related to the U.S. Presidential election and the future trajectory of interest rates and global monetary stimulus. 

These factors were enough to nudge the S&P 500 Index slightly lower on the week, even despite dozens of dividend stocks increasing their dividend payouts or just their payments to shareholders.

As a savvy investor, I always make a note of companies that recently raised their dividends. I do this for two reasons:

- First, I like to stay as informed as possible. 

- Second, a dividend hike may introduce me to a company that I’ve never heard of or researched before, giving me the opportunity to learn about the company, dig deeper into its financials, and maybe even become a shareholder. 

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at 40 big companies that have raised their dividends during the past week.

Here is the compilaton of the 40 latest dividend raiser...

Dividend Growth Stock Compilation Of The Past Week 
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