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14 Attractively Valued Healthcare Sector Dividend Growth Stocks

Healthcare stocks have generally been poor performers in calendar year 2016. I suggest that this weak performance, especially relative to high-quality, fundamentally sound healthcare stocks, can be somewhat attributable to political uncertainty regarding the future of healthcare.

On the other hand, political uncertainty manifesting in 2016 could also be looked at as the catalyst that is bringing healthcare stocks that were overvalued in 2015 down to fundamentally justified levels.

Below are 14 examples that I consider worthy of current consideration and a more comprehensive research and due diligence effort.

These 14 dividend growth healthcare stocks are currently trading at very attractive fundamental valuations. As a result, they all reflect high earnings and cash flow yields. 

This implies that their valuations are attractive relative to their fundamental values. The following portfolio review lists them in order of highest current dividend yield to lowest.

Each of the results has a low forward P/E under 15 with solid earnings growth perspectives.

Here are the results...

14 Attractively Valued Healthcare Sector
Dividend Growth Stocks
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