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The 20 Fastest Growing Dividend Aristocrats

Despite a slow-growing U.S. economy and a so-called earnings recession, many companies are increasing sales rapidly, and some of them even have stocks trading at relatively low valuations.

We’ll share a list of those stocks in a moment. One of the top 10 fastest growing Dividend Aristocrats combines both growth and value. AFLAC (AFL) has a 10 year per share growth rate of 8.53%, and a P/E ratio less than 10. It is rare to find businesses trading for cheap with a long history of dividend increases and strong growth.

It is particularly impressive to see businesses that are ‘in decline’ such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi on the list. US based soda sales may be slowly declining, but the beverage (and snack for Pepsi) business continues to expand as consumer tastes slowly shift from soda to juices and teas.

The 20 Dividend Aristocrats with the highest expected 5-year per share growth rates are below...

20 Fastest Growing Dividend Aristocrats
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