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13 Great Safe Dividend Stocks With Yields Over 4%

When the price of a dividend stock climbs, its yield falls. As a result, a rising stock market, such as we've had of late, can make it harder for income investors to find attractive dividend payers.

Indeed, the current dividend yield on Standard & Poor's 500-stock index is just 2.1%, down from 2.3% a year ago. For retirees dependent on investment income, a 2.1% yield won't even keep up with inflation in 2017.

True, investors can buy stocks with unusually high yields, but such names typically come with greater risks. A too-good-to-be-true yield can be a red flag about a company's financial health and an indicator that the dividend isn't sustainable.

That's why dependable, high-quality stocks with above-average dividend yields are such important components of a retirement portfolio. Here are four great dividend stocks that are paying double the yield of the blue-chip S&P 500 index.

Attached, we've tried to compile a couple of stocks which combines both, a high yield, growth and some kind of safeness.

These are the results...

13 Great Safe Dividend Stocks With Yields Over 4%
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  1. So many of these choices have payout ratios that should make most DGI bloggers cringe. That doesn't bother you?

  2. I agree. These payout ratios are way too high for sustained growth. A high dividend yield is fine but paying out that much limits future growth.


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