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20 Oversold And Cheap Dividend With Yields Over 3%

The only thing better than oversold stocks are oversold dividend stocks. The dividend, even if it’s a small one, acts as a hedge if you decide to purchase the stock and the trade moves against you.

I do a screen for oversold dividend stocks from time to time, not only because I’m hunting for value, but because oftentimes some names turn up that I’ve never heard of. There’s nothing I like more than a new stock with either a really boring name or one that piques my interest.

As an investor who finds value stocks to be less risky with higher chances of yielding market-beating returns, I’m always on the lookout for stocks that are oversold. Sometimes a lousy stock gets rightfully sold off and you should avoid it.

However, sometimes a stock gets taken down because investors are reacting emotionally. They sell first and ask questions later. That can create great opportunities for investors who are seeking a good stock at an undervalued price.

Other times, you have a stock that is subject to things like fluctuating commodity prices, but is likely to get back up once external factors stabilize.

Sometimes you might get lucky, and find that oversold stock that also pays a dividend. If you are correct in your assessment, you may get paid that dividend while you wait for the market to realize how wrong it was and send the stock back up.

Here are 20 interesting oversold dividend stocks worthy of consideration:

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  1. I found some of the same in my screen, QCOM, TGT and TROW. All great businesses.


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