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20 Safe Heaven Large Cap Dividend Stocks With Yields Over 3%

The stock market is currently enjoying a lot of strength, with the major indices trading near record highs, which is a great thing, but it also creates a little fear among investors who expect to see profit takers move in and push the market lower.

When the market is strong as it currently is, you never want to liquidate your holdings in order to avoid a potential selloff, but you should take a look at some of your strongest positions and consider taking some profits off the table to putting your money to work in safer stocks.

Safe-haven stocks are generally very defensive in nature, and while you will not expect to see huge share gains in these stocks, you can typically expect slow and steady gains with little to no risk of a huge sell off.

These stocks look very attractive at this time, and as such you ought to consider adding a few to your portfolio for a little defense and to ensure the latter part of the year is as successful as the first half.

The following 20 stocks are all great safe-haven stocks that I like now by fundamentals and technical indicators. They are in no particular order, and each appear to be solid buy candidates at this point.

These are the results...

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  1. A lot of big names here. They all seem like fairly safe bets, but there is always that element of risk.


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