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Dividend Growth Stocks Of The Past Week Compiled

One of the most successful investment strategies is to buy and hold stocks with track records of dividend growth. This is because a rising dividend is a sign of a very strong business with excellent cash flows and earnings to support increased payouts, and the dividends really add up over time when reinvested. 

Dividends are very important. You can get a steady income from your investments and if your trading idea fails, you still have the dividends from the past. 

Dividend growth is better because a growing business structure will also give you more and more money over the time. If you got a very good investment, you will earn one day your full investment amount by dividends yearly. That's really great but takes a long time.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at stocks that raised their dividends last week. Below is a full list of all dividend raiser from the past week.

These are the latest dividend growth stocks...

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