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24 Dividend Growth Stocks With Solid Yields To Consider

Dividend growth is a wonderful thing, but you should also require the stocks you buy to look cheap. Here I seek out stocks trading at multiples of price to sales, earnings, and cash flow lower than five-year averages.

Stocks that trade at discounted valuations can be cheap for a reason, so I also require expected sales growth for the year ahead to be positive. Using these criteria, the 24 stocks shown in the table have proven themselves to be “dividend growth superstars” that kept on paying and even raising their dividends through the 2008-2009 financial crisis. They also trade at historically cheap valuations on at least two of the three ratios I use to determine value: price/sales, price/earnings, and price/cash flow.

If you follow a strategy of investing in temporarily cheap stocks of companies that habitually hike their dividends, not only will you experience significant capital gains when the stock falls back into favor with the market, but the yield you earn on your original investment can balloon to downright plump proportions.

These are the results...

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  1. Quite a few good companies here all with increasing dividends. That's what we like to see.


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