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9 Cheap Dividend Pharma Stocks

When investors are on the hunt for income-driving dividend stocks, they often gravitate toward utilities or consumer staples names. And well they should. Those businesses are essentially recession- proof, so the income — in the form of dividends — they pass along to shareholders is quite reliable.

Conversely, pharmaceutical stocks are rarely seen as effective dividend stocks. Although drugs are also relatively non-cyclical, these stocks are often impacted by an ever-changing regulatory environment and the ever-changing strength or weakness of a drugmaker’s portfolio and pipeline.

As it turns out, however, some of the best-known Big Pharma names are also very solid dividend providers. These drugmakers dole out income to shareholders by leveraging their size to constantly refresh their drug portfolios. 

In fact, the average dividend yield for all the major pharma stocks right now (and bear in mind there are some that pay nothing) is a healthy 2.35%. That’s still less than the typical 4% payout utility stocks boast right now.

Attached I've compiled a list of the highest yielding stocks with a low  P/E within the pharma subindustry. Only 9 names exist.

Here are the results...

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